We would like to invite you to be a part of the future and help to bring in a new era for the online adult industry that will finally give power to the people, the people who like to look at porn on the internet. Oh, and in this instance, power does equal money!
With over 20 years of experience in the adult industry online, we have seen and done pretty much everything and been quite successful at it. We have been the innovators and changers at various times over the past two decades. Now, we have partnered with some of the best programmers and techs in the blockchain arena with the purpose of creating a CRYPTO CURRENCY that will change the way that people view porn online and will also give regular people, like you, a way to anonymously make part of the BILLIONS of dollars spent on porn each year.


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Hardcap: $6.9M



VENUS 2018 - Winner for Best Adult Coin

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Zoran Rehar, Slovenia

CEO, Business Development & Marketing Specialist
Over 17 years in business development for online startups, including sales, marketing, strategic development, partnerships, consulting and executive management. Creator of many successful systems for marketing purposes. During those years, he also got involved in adult marketing and analysing how everything works and optimized the tools to make money online for this industry. By doing that, he managed to meet in person some of most successful people and companies in adult industry! And that is what this project needs! Zoran will make sure, this project gets the best partnerships and best support team.

Junior Presezniak, Brazil

Senior Developer / Data Specialist
Junior is our coding machine! He has developed so many systems together with Zoran, that we can say Junior is Zoran’s right hand and they do all projects together for the past 7+ years. Although his online business and coding passion started 15 years ago, the universe somehow connected Junior and Zoran to make great things for online businesses! Basically, there’s no obstacle or problem for Junior. He already started to work on the platforms and we’re confident that we will connect all the dots with blockchain and smartcontracts specialist team even sooner that we think! Every successful project needs the one like Junior!

Jeff Walker, USA

SEO - Sales & Marketing - Online Revenue Enhancement
Jeff has been working online exclusively since the early 1990's. He has owned and operated over 1000 websites, his company has developed and operated thousands of successful websites for clients, and Jeff has studied SEO and Google since Google first came on the scene. After selling his businesses back in 2009, Jeff is a one man show (no employees finally) and currently works as a consultant to help both large and small companies with their SEO and with optimizing revenue to their websites.

Yuu, Argentina

Adult Web Designer, CSS3/HTML5, java
With more than 15 years in the adult industry, Yuu leads one of the most famous and successful design studios in this biz. StudiosPorno.com is chosen every year by some of the most successful and demanding companies, because they know the value of its work. Yuu’s team is full of talented coders, but he maintains control of the helm by being the one in charge of designing the successful websites that his clients entrust them with. Yuu is also an excellent photographer and enjoys recruiting some of the hottest Argentinean models! With Yuu’s NextdoorContent.com he has brought many new amateur faces to the adult industry over the last few years. Yuu is a restless and dynamic soul that loves this industry and he is excited to be a part of the evolution/revolution that Crypto-Currency is going to bring about.


Lauren MacEwen

7Veils Social Media
Many see Lauren MacEwen as the leading social media strategist and marketing expert within the adult industry. Her work with major brands in a wide array of verticals and ability to obtain prominence within those sectors for her clients is already well known. Ms. MacEwen will be working with PronCoin to provide social media tactical advice, and has accepted a role as a brand ambassador of PronCoin as well.
“I am very familiar with the crypto space generally, and with its unique place in adult more specifically,” said Ms. MacEwen. “PronCoin has already shown a level of seriousness about long term growth that many Token Sale lack from the outset. I look forward to building the brand and helping PronCoin become a currency that people can rely on for years to come.”

Brad Mitchell

With nineteen years of experience in hosting, and a countless number of awards to show for the exceptional service his company provides, Brad Mitchell of MojoHost is one of the most respected people in the adult industry. His company hosts many large volume entities in several different verticals and has earned a strong reputation for reliability.
“Having worked with some of the people on the management team of PronCoin in the past as part of other projects, I am already familiar with the work ethic they have shown,” said Brad of MojoHost. “I like what I see, and I am looking forward to working together with them on mission critical technical aspects of their deployment to provide as smooth and reliable a transactional experience as possible.”

Stewart Tongue

As the owner of several successful brands in the field of reputation management and ethical merchant behavior, including WebsiteSecure.org, Mr. Tongue has already established relationships with many strategic partners that will be useful in strengthening the PronCoin ecosystem. His work in assisting major brands seeking validation in the open market will also be an important part of the rollout process of the PronCoin Token Sale.
“There are a lot of coins out there and new Token Sale popping up weekly, but from my own research I think it’s fair to say that PronCoin is not just another coin,” said Stewart Tongue of EngineFood.com. “Cryptocurrency is a very hot vertical at the moment, and there are always obstacles in the way of any venture succeeding, so what I look at most are the people who will be involved in evolving any new brand as it grows. I’ve been impressed by PronCoin’s people and see their vision as one that has a realistic chance of becoming a prosperous one for anyone earning, investing or using their coins. There are never any guarantees with new ventures, but having the right people involved is always a great way to start.”

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